About Us

Gåva Systems is a US-based company with a unique and interesting name – Gåva (rhymes with nova) is the Swedish word for gift. Established in 1996 as a consulting firm working closely with retail clients, we quickly begin to see trends in the market and started to create solutions to increase profits for them. We are a privately held company, allowing us to quickly respond to our clients’ needs and offer expedited entry into the gift card market.

Our multilingual support, sales and development team works closely with our customers to ensure satisfaction with, support for, and on-going development of new and current products. Our software is sold worldwide and used in a variety businesses from general retail to medical practices to car dealerships – Gåva software is unique in that it can fit into virtually any situation.


Gåva Systems
PO Box 531042
Orlando, FL 32853


In the US: (954) 839-8349
Sales: (407) 801-0220
Support: (202) 332-9468